1. What are cookies
"Cookies" will mean small pieces of text given by a web server to a visiting browser, in the
hope and expectation that the browser will return that on a subsequent visit. The cookie are
an addition to the HTTP specification. Cookies that you receive from us are called first-party
cookies. Cookies that you receive because the website or application contains elements
from third parties are called 3rd-party cookies.
In addition, there is a distinction between
functional and non-functional cookies, of which only the first are necessary for the proper
functioning of the website or application.

1.2. By using our website or the application, Cookies or other technologies can be used to store
information on the devices used by you or to gain access to information already stored on

1.3. You can disable or remove to some extent the Cookies and other technologies used by us or
third parties through your browser settings. Deleting and blocking Cookies and other
technologies may result in you not being able to use the website or application correctly or
even at all.
2. Our use of cookies
2.1. Cookies and other technologies useful or necessary to enable you to navigate our website or
application smoothly and to make our website or application easy to use or to enable
interactivity with our website or application.

Cookies allow us to analyze your browsing behavior on our website.
We also use cookies to make our web pages or applications load faster, ensure security, test
the website, application or users, detect abuse and detect the required age.

2.4. To record the number of visitors, their browsing habits, usage patterns and error messages
for optimizing the content and structure of our website or application.

When you place certain items in your shopping basket without being logged in, this
information is stored in cookies. As a result, you do not lose the content when closing the

3. The use by 3th parties
3.1. Cookies and other technologies that can follow you through a social network after you click
on a button of the social network so that those social networks automatically receive your
personal data.

3.2. Booz VOF has chosen not to share cookies with 3th parties.

4. List of used cookies